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The Commissioner

Hon. John Roderick McKechnie, QC
Mr John Roderick McKechnie, QC, was appointed Commissioner of the Corruption and Crime Commission on 1 April 2015 with effect from 28 April 2015. Mr McKechnie was preceded as Commissioner by Mr Kevin Hammond, AO (December 2003 — March 2007), the inaugural Commissioner, the Hon. Len Roberts-Smith, RFD, QC (May 2007 — January 2011) and Mr Roger Macknay, QC (November 2011 — April 2014).  
Prior to his appointment as Commissioner Mr McKechnie was the Senior Puisne Judge and Senior Judge General Division of the Supreme Court of Western Australia, having joined the Court on 4 March 1999.

The Commissioner is ultimately responsible for all the activities and operations undertaken on his behalf by officers of the Commission. The Commissioner holds office on a full-time basis for a period of five years and is eligible for reappointment once.