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Perth lawyer receives suspended sentence and fine


A former Perth lawyer has received a 12-month suspended sentence for advising a woman whose husband was being investigated by the Corruption and Crime Commission to destroy a computer and documents.

Trevor Howard Brickhill, 49, of Mt Pleasant pleaded guilty to the charge in the Perth Magistrates Court today.

Magistrate Richard Bromfield said it was an extremely serious offence for a lawyer to counsel someone to destroy evidence required by the Commission in an investigation.

The court was told Mr Brickhill, a lawyer at the time, advised the woman that “your  computer’s gotta go” and to destroy documents relating to the investigation such as rate notices and bills before Commission officers visited the family’s house.

The 2010 Commission investigation was into the management of building contracts by the then Building Coordinator at the City of Stirling.

Mr Brickhill was also fined $10,000 after pleading guilty to giving misleading evidence to a public hearing at the Commission in 2010.

The court was played a telephone conversation legally recorded by the Commission between Mr Brickhill and the former Building Coordinator that contradicted evidence the lawyer gave to the Commission.

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