Who We Are

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The CCC was set up to help public sector authorities minimise and manage misconduct and, in doing so improve the integrity of the public sector. The CCC may also assist WA Police to reduce the incidence of and combat organised crime by authorising the use of investigative powers not ordinarily available to the police.

On 1 July 2015 the CCM Act came into force. It separates serious and minor misconduct and changes the reporting requirements regarding misconduct.

The CCM Act enables the CCC to investigate serious misconduct (which includes all police misconduct) and the PSC to investigate minor misconduct. Both agencies are to work together to help public authorities to prevent, identify and deal effectively and appropriately with misconduct.

The CCC will invest its efforts in areas where the risk of serious misconduct and corruption is greatest and where its resources are needed most.

The CCC has jurisdiction over Western Australian public officers including in WA Police, government departments, government instrumentalities, boards, public universities and local governments. Refer Fact Sheet No. 4 entitled Definition of Public Officer

For more information refer to Fact Sheet No. 1 entitled About the CCC.