Information for Public Authorities

The Corruption, Crime and Misconduct Act 2003 ("the CCM Act") redirects the CCC's priorities to investigating serious misconduct and retaining oversight of WA Police.

The CCC will focus on fewer but 'higher value' investigations and operational activities that target corruption and serious misconduct 'hotspots'.

The Public Sector Commission (PSC) is responsible for dealing with minor misconduct and for misconduct prevention and education. The CCC may also exercise a prevention and capacity development function (in cooperation with the PSC ) in responding to serious misconduct matters.

The framework for misconduct provided in the CCM Act acknowledges that principal officers have primary responsibility for preventing and managing misconduct in their public authorities. The role of the CCC is to help public authorities and ensure that allegations of serious misconduct are effectively and appropriately dealt with.

The CCC does this by:

  • receiving and assessing reports and notifications about serious misconduct;
  • monitoring serious misconduct allegations of strategic priority referred to authorities for investigation or other action and reviewing the action taken;
  • conducting analysis and research into serious misconduct trends and issues; and
  • reporting on and providing advice to the public sector about preventing and combating serious misconduct and corruption.
  • The Principal Officer of a notifying authority has a duty to report suspected serious misconduct to the CCC.  The report must be in writing and be made as soon as reasonably practicable after the Principal Officer becomes aware of the matter. 

A matter only needs to be notified once; if the PSC or CCC assesses the matter differently they will direct the matter to the other agency. Where a matter includes both serious and minor misconduct allegations that are directly related or cannot be separated, the CCC should be notified.

Notifying misconduct: A guide for Principal Officers of Notifying Authorities (August 2018)