An active year for the Commission, community and public sector agencies

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26 September 2019

The Annual Report shows a year characterised by a significant increase in allegations received from the community, a big increase in the number of Commission reports (45 in this reporting period compared to 13 in the previous year); a significant number of recommendations to public sector agencies (46), and the commencement of the Commission’s unexplained wealth function.


Overall, the Commission’s Annual Report reflects a very productive year:

  • • We received 5036 allegations - more than 40% of these came from the public;
  • • 1,604 allegations were identified as potentially involving serious misconduct;
  • • Assessments were completed within an average of 32 days, and more than half within less than that;
  • • 50 investigations were conducted;
  • • 70 allegations were referred to an appropriate authority to be actively monitored and reviewed by the Commission;
  • • 29 Serious misconduct investigations were completed in an average of 309 days; and
  • • 45 reports were produced and 46 recommendations were made to public authorities.


Significant reports tabled during 2018-19 put a spotlight on:

  • • Bribery and corruption in maintenance and service contracts within North Metropolitan Health Service;
  • • Misconduct risks in WA prisons;
  • • Unauthorised release of confidential information of the Public Transport Authority;
  • • The WA Commissioner in Japan; and
  • • Serious misconduct in procurement of environmental services report.


Download the Annual Report

Corruption and Crime Commission Annual Report 2018-19.pdf