Case study - CCC oversight holds police officers to account

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21 November 2016

WA Police notified the CCC of allegations that an experienced detective and their supervisor had failed to adequately investigate a series of serious assault reports.

The CCC assessed the allegations made against the detective, and in the process, uncovered further allegations that suggested they didn't investigate a report of serious assault.

The CCC classified the alleged behaviour of the detective as being serious and also raised concerns about the WA Police's internal investigation into the matter. The assessment was escalated to the CCC's Operations Committee, and a range of recommendations were made to WA Police. This included an action that WA Police continue their internal investigation into the police officers' behaviour, and that the investigation must be subject to monitoring and review by the Commission.

Based on findings from the investigation, WA Police has commenced disciplinary action in relation to the police officers.

The Commission is monitoring the progress of the WA Police investigation and will conduct a second review at the conclusion of their inquiries.