Case study - Do you receive gifts or donations at work?

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19 August 2016

On receiving information from the Australian Federal Police, the CCC investigated allegations that the Lord Mayor of the City of Perth had accepted and failed to declare a hospitality package valued at over $16,000 to attend the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

The CCC served notices to obtain records from the City of Perth and examined gift registers, annual returns, emails and media reports relating to the relevant time frames. Private examinations were held where the Lord Mayor, the former City of Perth Chief Executive Officer and others were questioned by the CCC.

The investigation revealed that the Lord Mayor had failed to disclose gifts and travel contributions. The CCC released Report on an Investigation into Acceptance and Disclosure of Gifts and Travel Contributions by the Lord Mayor of the City of Perth on its investigation to highlight the importance of public officers meeting their disclosure obligations and the need for transparency in declaring gifts and contributions.

Although the report relates to the actions of the Lord Mayor, there are lessons for all officials, including parliamentarians and Local Government council.