CCC investigation identifies no serious misconduct in procurement practices at Rottnest Island Authority

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24 November 2017

The CCC received allegations that acts of serious misconduct or elements of corruption could be taking place at Rottnest Island Authority due to the lack of communication and transparency around decisions made by the CEO and Board.

The CCC investigation discovered no sound basis for the allegations and identified no serious misconduct relating to the alleged conflicts-of-interest in contract awarding and procurement practices.

At the beginning of the CCC investigation, former Rottnest Island Authority CEO, was replaced by Acting CEO Michelle Reynolds. Ms Reynolds has identified the need to update and implement a range of organisational and policy changes to address misconduct risks at Rottnest Island Authority.

Ms Reynolds appointment as Acting CEO has seen an increase in transparency around decision-making by the Rottnest Island Authority and improvements to adherence in policy and procedures amongst staff.
The CCC is of the opinion that misconduct risks within Rottnest Island Authority have been appropriately addressed.

The CCC acknowledges that it can be difficult to be certain if corruption or serious misconduct is taking place. This should not be a deterrent when making an allegation. In this instance, the person making the allegation had a reasonable basis to suspect corrupt behaviour may be taking place. Upon investigation, the Commission concluded that based on the evidence available, the allegation did not support an opinion of serious misconduct.

Before making an allegation to the CCC, check if you have the below information if possible:

  • - Who may be involved or who is aware of the matter.
  • - Details of the conduct - a description, dates, times and location.
  • - The approximate value of goods or amounts of money that may be involved.
  • - Any harm, risk, danger or injury to any person related to the conduct.
  • - Any evidence that supports your allegation, including details of witnesses, or any documents, emails or other materials.

The Corruption and Crime Commission encourages anyone who has reasonable suspicion or evidence of wrongdoing by a WA public officer to notify the CCC by calling 1800 809 000 or completing a confidential online form.