CCC investigation leads to former police officer being prosecuted and sentenced for assault

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24 March 2017

A former police officer has pleaded guilty to assaulting a detainee in custody and has been sentenced at the Magistrates Court in Kalgoorlie. The CCC formed opinions of misconduct against the officer, and today the Magistrates Court imposed a significant fine of $5,000. The former first class constable was granted a spent conviction.

Criminal conduct by any police officer, such as assaults by police, is an abuse of being a public servant and detrimentally affects the public's trust, expectations and confidence in police officers. The CCC uses its investigative powers to identify and assist WA Police to reduce the incidence of, and to prevent, misconduct amongst their members.

Anyone can make a report or provide information to the CCC about alleged police misconduct.

If you believe you have witnessed or experienced suspected police misconduct, make a confidential allegation now by completing the CCC's online reporting form or by contacting us on 1800 809 000.