Commission finalises an investigation into a police officer's excessive use of force

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27 May 2021

The Corruption and Crime Commission has tabled a report in State Parliament today detailing an incident where a police officer excessively used force as he arrested and moved a young man across a Northbridge car park.

The man (Mr A) sustained lacerations, scratches, a black eye and other bruising, and likely lost consciousness, during the incident.

The Commission formed the view that the arrest was justified, but the force used was excessive and was serious misconduct.

During its investigation, the Commission examined graphic vision captured by one of Mr A's companions, CCTV footage, and additional vision captured by Senior Constable Valleekanthan’s body-worn camera, which self-activated during the incident.

The Commission's report also reveals significant serious misconduct risks associated with Mr A's treatment. These included the officers’ own report of the incident; the length of time before Mr A was taken for medical attention; inaccurate recordkeeping by police officers; and the length of time that Mr A was detained.

The Commission also formed a view that the move on order issued by First Class Constable Harrison to one of Mr A’s companions was not justified and constituted reviewable police conduct, which amounts to serious misconduct.

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Review of a police use of force incident in Northbridge on 10 November 2019