The Commission's work continues through a challenging year

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24 September 2020

The report details a year of increased activity and achievements by the Commission, whilst also managing the impact of COVID-19 and former Commissioner the Hon John McKechnie QC's term ending.

The Commission assessed a total of 5,743 allegations (up from 5,036 last year) with around 45% of those coming from members of the public, continuing an upward trend over the last three reporting periods, reflecting ongoing community awareness and confidence in the Commission’s work.

About a quarter, or 1,450 of the allegations, were referred to public sector agencies (including the WA Police Force) for action, with oversight by the Commission.

Other indicators included:

  • efficient assessment of allegations, with 84% completed within 28 days;
  • 59 investigations conducted (up from 50 last year), 14 were in cooperation with the agency involved;
  • 84% of investigations completed within 12 months;
  • 56 days of examinations, five days of which were public examinations; and
  • a total of 43 reports – to State Parliament, agencies, and heads of agencies.

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Corruption and Crime Commission Annual Report 2019-20