Corruption and Crime Commission 2015-16 Annual Report tabled in Parliament

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22 September 2016

The Corruption and Crime Commission 2015-2016 Annual Report has been tabled in State Parliament, presenting an important operational shift by the State’s leading anti-corruption agency to target more serious misconduct and corrupt behaviour in the WA public sector.

The CCC conducted 79 investigations during the year, including 16 in cooperation with other agencies. Nine reports were published and 32 recommendations made to public authorities.

Throughout 2015-2016, the CCC’s investigations, examinations, and reports successfully exposed corruption and highlighted the need for agencies to have thorough prevention policies and procedures to reveal, disrupt and reduce systemic corruption. They also emphasised the responsibility that public authorities have to create an environment where people feel confident reporting suspected misconduct.

Some key achievements of the 2015-2016 year included:

* 2,244 notifications were received from public authorities and the community;

* from these notifications, 4,024 allegations were assessed and 1,891 of these allegations were identified as requiring further action;

* 34 disclosures were made to State and Commonwealth public authorities, including information provided to Western Australia Police and the Australian Federal Police to assist in conducting criminal investigations

Download the Corruption and Crime Commission 2015-2016 Annual Report at: