Do you know a vulnerable person who has suffered serious misconduct in Western Australia?

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31 March 2017

This week, a Four Corners episode 'Fighting the System' exposed instances of serious misconduct experienced by people living with a disability at a tax payer funded group home.

Vulnerable persons and those experiencing disadvantage are some of the most at risk people to being exposed to serious misconduct or corruption in the community. This is a national issue and this type of behaviour could be occurring in Western Australia.

Vulnerable people who rely on Western Australian government services to improve their quality of life, such as: people living with disability; younger people receiving child protection services; offenders rehabilitating in corrective services; or those who require public housing services depend on the support of public officers and trust them to act with integrity when providing the services they need - not to act for personal motives.

Vulnerable people can be exposed to numerous types of serious misconduct or corruption, including fraudulent use of their funds, or can experience physical, sexual, and psychological abuse at the hands of public officers.

Vulnerable people often have difficulty reporting these types of incidents due to communication issues, intellectual capacity, a lack of awareness and understanding about how to report serious misconduct, and for fear of reprisal.

If you have witnessed suspected serious misconduct towards vulnerable people who receive government services from departments such as the Disability Services Commission, the Department of Corrective Services, the Housing Authority and the Department for Child Protection and Family Support in Western Australia - it is critical that you 'speak up' on their behalf and make an anonymous report to the CCC so it can investigate your allegations.

You can make a confidential allegation now by completing the CCC's online reporting form or by contacting on 1800 809 000.