Have you seen something that is not right? Report corruption now!

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21 November 2016

Your role

As a member of the community you can play an important role by notifying the CCC if you have experienced misconduct by a public officer.

Reporting serious misconduct

Interacting with officers from our public sector agencies on a daily basis means the general community is well-placed to inform the CCC about the conduct of those officers. Reports from the members of the community are an important source of information for the CCC. Every report of misconduct received by the CCC is taken seriously and is formally assessed and, if warranted, investigated.

More information

To find out how to make a confidential allegation and the next steps, please visit https://www.ccc.wa.gov.au/the-process.

You can also download the below flyer for further information on what information you need to make an allegation.

You can stop corruption