International Anti-Corruption Day - 9 December 2020

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1 December 2020

International Anti-Corruption Day is a day to put the spotlight on corruption, and recognise that no country, region or community is immune to this crime - including here in Western Australia.

To mark 2020 International Anti-Corruption Day, the CCC have launched a new campaign with videos for the health and education sectors, local government, and government trading enterprises. We also have a range of posters or digital screen artwork featuring corruption clues for the entire Western Australian public sector.

The following material has been developed to assist WA public officers and members of the community to identify and report corrupt behaviour to the CCC. You are welcome to download, promote, and share any of the material on this page within your organisation and personal networks.

Do you work in the Western Australia health sector?

Do you work in the Western Australian education sector?

Do you work for a Western Australian local government?

Do you work for a Western Australian Government trading enterprise or agency?

Corruption clues for all Western Australian public sector authorities

Corruption clue 1 - concealing or failing to declare wrongdoing
Corruption clue 2 - staff who are unwilling to report corruption for fear of repercussions
Corruption clue 3 - a lack of manager supervision or oversight
Corruption clue 4 - removing the 'rotten apples', not addressing the workplace culture
Corruption clue 5 - cutting corners to get the job done at all costs