Media alert - Former City of Perth Facilities Officer pleads guilty to corruption and bribery

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13 March 2018


A former Facilities Officer at the City of Perth, Mr Brett Edward Kenny (now known as Mr Brett Edward Peters), has today (13 March 2018) pleaded guilty to corruption and bribery charges following a comprehensive investigation by the Corruption and Crime Commission (CCC).


The charges include one count of acting corruptly in the performance of his duties as a public officer; one count of seeking a financial bribe in return for providing work; and one count of providing false or misleading evidence to a CCC examination.


The offences took place between 16 January 2012 and 13 June 2014.


In his role at the City of Perth, Mr Kenny was responsible for arranging various trades to perform maintenance work at Council House, managing the maintenance contracts and was also able to approve payment for maintenance services up to, but not exceeding, the value of $5,000. 


The CCC investigation found that Mr Kenny used his position to give preferential treatment in the awarding of work to Harms Electrical Contractors Pty Ltd (HEC), and that as a result, HEC obtained work to the value of $349,647.08 from the City of Perth, which should have first been offered to other electrical contractors on the Panel.


On 7 March 2018, Mr Hervey Harms (the Director of HEC), pleaded guilty to a corruption charge by aiding Mr Kenny to gain a benefit for himself and Mr Kenny.


The Commission investigation also found that Mr Kenny sought to bribe Mr Shane Ross, a 53 year old apprentice electrician employed by Mr Harms’ HEC whereby, Mr Ross would invoice the City for $5,000 each month for services under his own ABN and in return, Mr Kenny would approve the invoices provided he was paid $1,000 in each instance. Mr Ross did not enter into any deal and later reported the matter.


Mr Kenny’s employment with the City was terminated on 21 February 2014. 


Both Mr Kenny and Mr Harms will appear in court for sentencing on 27 March 2018.


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