Media release - CCC reports on WA Police Force and Department of Transport action

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4 April 2018

The Corruption and Crime Commission (CCC) has today (Wednesday 4 April 2018) tabled two reports in Parliament, focussed on the actions taken by WA Police Force and the Department of Transport in response to recommendations made in reports following four separate CCC investigations over the past three years.

In November 2015, the Commission’s Report on Operation Aviemore: Major Crime Squad Investigation into the Unlawful Killing of Joshua Warneke exposed significant deficiencies in WA Police’s handling of the investigation.

The Commission made seven recommendations which would improve the interviewing practices of WA Police Force, and their understanding and implementation of the Criminal Investigation Act 2006 and the Police Manual.

In its report tabled today, the Commission found that five of its seven recommendations have been implemented and it is seeking a further update on the remaining two in a year’s time.

The remaining two recommendations relate to ensuring officers who interact with Aboriginal citizens are properly trained in language and culture; and improving the way they deliver a caution to people who are not proficient in English.

Commissioner John McKechnie QC noted in the report that “Police are taking seriously their responsibility to implement the Commission’s recommendations and to address the issues arising out of Operation Aviemore.”

The second report tabled today followed up on actions taken by the Department of Transport (DoT) in the wake of three separate investigations into vehicle and driver licensing. Two of the three investigations involved drivers being licensed without taking a proper driver assessment. A DoT officer and a private contractor had been passing people for driving assessments they had not taken. The third investigation related to vehicles that were being licensed without having being inspected, because a DoT contractor was passing the vehicles without actually seeing them.

The Commission’s latest report includes an extensive list of changes which have been implemented by DoT, or are in the process of being implemented, to better protect the driver and motor vehicle licensing system in Western Australia, with obvious benefits to road safety.

The Commission commended DoT for its “active steps to reduce corruption risks” and outlined the introduction of a scheduling facility that provides advance notice of who is to undertake a Practical Driving Assessment is the only matter it would still recommend for further consideration.

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Media contacts Marie Mills: (08) 9421 3600 or 0418 918 202

Louisa Mitchell (08) 9421 3600 or 0434 308 208.