Media release - Two Custodial Officers stood down as part of a CCC investigation

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7 December 2017

Two Custodial Officers suspected of engaging in serious misconduct have been stood down from duty as part of a joint investigation conducted by the Corruption and Crime Commission, Department of Justice, and WA Police Force.

The investigation focusses on improper associations between Custodial Officers and prisoners, and the facilitation of drugs and contraband into WA prisons.

The investigation is ongoing and the Commission is conducting private examinations where witnesses may be offered protections provided under the Corruption, Crime and Misconduct Act 2003 if they provide information of value to the investigation.

The Commission has gathered concerning evidence of drugs and contraband being smuggled into prisons, and the ease with which Custodial Officers can evade detection.

The Commission urges Custodial Officers and others in the prison system to come forward if they have information useful to the investigation, before the Commission approaches them.

If you have information which may assist the current investigation, please contact the Corruption and Crime Commission on 1800 809 000 or visit

Information provided to the Commission can be made anonymously and will be treated confidentially.


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Marie Mills: (08) 9421 3600 or 0418 918 202.
Louisa Mitchell (08) 9421 3600 or 0434 308 208.