Message for Western Australian public sector authorities

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2 June 2021

Public sector authorities and the WA Police Force are responsible for taking appropriate action in response to any serious misconduct by their staff.

The Corruption and Crime Commission (the Commission) assesses every allegation it receives. A public sector authority should not wait for the Commission's assessment decision. The responsibility for taking action and managing serious misconduct risk is the appropriate authority.

After assessing an allegation of serious misconduct, the Commission has a number of options available to it. If a reasonable suspicion of serious misconduct is formed, one option available to the Commission is to refer the allegation(s) to the appropriate public sector authority for action, often the one that employs the staff member subject to an allegation.

In these instances, the Commission’s primary responsibility is to ensure the public sector authority deals with the matter in a timely and appropriate manner. When an allegation is referred back to a public sector authority, the Commission recommends the public sector authority commence taking action within six months.

The Commission retains oversight of the matter by requesting updates.

When the public sector authority has finalised the actions taken, they must provide the Commission with a detailed report detailing the actions and conclusions reached. Public sector authorities can send any updates and outcome reports to

More information

For more information about a public sector authority's obligation in providing the Corruption and Crime Commission progress updates and outcome reports, please read Information sheet - allegations of serious misconduct referred to an appropriate authority for action.