Why doesn't the CCC confirm or deny what it is working on?

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13 March 2017

The Corruption and Crime Commission (CCC) receives thousands of allegations and pieces of information from the public every year. The CCC takes each allegation and piece of information seriously by assessing matters that fall under its jurisdiction and dealing with them appropriately. If the allegation falls outside the CCC's jurisdiction it refers the information to an independent agency or appropriate authority to action.

Most matters are brought to the CCC's attention by public sector authorities that have a duty to report suspected serious misconduct to the CCC or by people with good intentions who are concerned about what they believe may be serious misconduct occurring in Western Australian public sector.

Quite often members of the public, and the media, are curious in knowing if the CCC may or may not have received an allegation, or if the CCC is or is not investigating a particular.

The CCC does not generally make public any information about the notifications it may or may not have received or what it is or isn’t investigating. There are a number of reasons for this including:

• legislative constraints around information the CCC can release;

• to protect the privacy of people providing information to the CCC;

• to protect the integrity of CCC inquiries – both new or underway;

• publicising an untested allegation can unfairly damage the reputation and good-standing of a person or organisation; and

• the CCC is not intended to be used as an agent of any person or persons seeking to do damage to another person or organisation for their own purposes.

The Corruption and Crime Commissioner releases public reports on matters the CCC investigates to expose instances of serious misconduct and to provide anti-corruption lessons for individuals, the private sector and government agencies. The CCC also provides extensive oversight and engagement with WA public sector authorities to build their capacity to identify serious misconduct and to reduce the risk of corrupt behaviour occurring in the workplace.

The CCC thank members of the community who come forward with information and encourages you to make a confidential allegation of serious misconduct in the WA Public Sector via its online notification form.