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Tuesday 26th July

Interested observers from Dowerin and beyond are welcome at the Corruption and Crime Commission’s public examinations to be held at the Dowerin Community Club this Thursday 28 July and Friday 29 July.

They are the Commission’s first public examinations in regional Western Australia and will reveal more about the activities of former Shire of Dowerin CEO, Mr Dacre Alcock, who has pleaded guilty to four charges of stealing as a servant.

Several witnesses will assist the CCC’s inquiry – with the added convenience of remaining close to home – and interested locals will have the opportunity to hear about an important matter that directly impacted their community, and involved the theft of almost $600,000.

The examinations will commence at 10 am on both days and are expected to conclude by 4 pm.

The CCC’s examinations have implications far beyond Dowerin. Local government authorities manage more than $2billion in rates and grants and the Commission will highlight lessons to be learned from the Shire of Dowerin experience, including the importance of robust financial policies, practices and auditing.

The Commission’s thorough investigation into the activities of Mr Alcock demonstrated what can happen when good policies and practices are not in place, or not adhered to by personnel holding positions of responsibility.
The examinations will expose how local government authorities cannot afford to be complacent and the need to ensure effective measures are in place to discourage and reduce the risk and incidence of misconduct. This is particularly true in regional or smaller organisations where there may be fewer people involved in transactions and individual personalities may exert significant influence.

Mr Alcock, who used several methods to steal from his employer, has been committed for sentencing in the Perth District Court on 30 September 2016.


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