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Monday 9th December

Today is International Anti-Corruption Day – a day to put the spotlight on corruption, and recognise that no country, region or community is immune to this crime.

Every Western Australian comes into contact with the public sector. The vast majority of public servants, elected officials, and people who do business with the public service are good, ethical people. The CCC relies on these good people to have the courage to come forward when they see corrupt behaviour in the WA public sector.

Corruption and Crime Commissioner John McKechnie QC has called on every individual working in, or with the public sector to be alert to the possibility of corrupt behaviour; and be prepared to speak up whenever there is evidence of serious misconduct or corruption.

“Corruption is not victimless. It fuels distrust in government and undermines the standing of the WA public sector, and that hurts everyone,” said Mr McKechnie.

“Every organisation should have an anti-corruption commitment that starts with strong leadership.

“Our leaders can build corruption resistant organisations by creating an open, safe and transparent culture that encourages staff to come forward and report incidents, makes them aware of the protections available, and where detection is not solely seen as failure, but an opportunity for an agency to learn and improve,” he said.

To mark this year’s event the Corruption and Crime Commission has launched a new campaign encouraging people to ‘follow clues’ that will help detect potential corruption and serious misconduct in the public sector.

The campaign highlights five common behaviours that allow corruption to take hold and flourish:
1. Concealing or failing to declare wrongdoing.
2. Staff who are unwilling to report corruption for fear of repercussions.
3. A lack of manager supervision or oversight.
4. Removing the 'rotten apples', not addressing the workplace culture.
5. Cutting corners to get the job done at all costs.

"International Anti-Corruption Day is just one day on the calendar, but these behaviours occur in workplaces every day across Western Australia. It is important that we constantly remain vigilant and take notice of them. Because the behaviours we ignore, become the standards we accept," said Mr McKechnie.

You can view and download the 2019 International Anti-Corruption Day campaign materials on the Corruption and Crime Commission website.


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2019 Anti-Corruption Day campaign materials
• Corruption clue 1 - Concealing or failing to declare wrongdoing - CCC poster.pdf
• Corruption clue 2 - Staff who are unwilling to report corruption for fear of repercussions CCC poster.pdf
• Corruption clue 3 - A lack of manager supervision or oversight - CCC poster.pdf
• Corruption clue 4 - Removing the 'rotten apples', not addressing the workplace culture - CCC poster.pdf
• Corruption clue 5 - Cutting corners to get the job done at all costs - CCC poster.pdf