Media release - Update on CCC investigation into Parliamentary electoral allowances

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Wednesday 11th September

At approximately 3.30 pm on 10 September 2019, two notices were served on the Clerk of the Legislative Council to provide the Corruption and Crime Commission with documents and materials that the Procedure and Privileges Committee has determined is not subject to Parliamentary Privilege.

The notices seek to access all non-privileged material by 7 October 2019, so the integrity and timeliness of the Commission's investigation isn't hampered.

Serving notices to a relevant officer of Parliament is a standard procedure of the Commission that has been exercised in the past.

The President of the Legislative Council, the Hon Kate Doust, was advised on 20 May 2019 that documents sought by the Commission from the Department of the Premier and Cabinet may contain some material which is subject to Parliamentary Privilege, although the vast bulk of documents would not be privileged.

The Procedure and Privileges Committee insisted that Mr Foster, Director General of the Department of the Premier and Cabinet deliver it all the material given to the Commission.  The Committee received this material on 23 August 2019.

In advance of a resolution requiring it to do so, the Commission surrendered to the Committee a laptop computer and hard drive, the property of the Department of the Premier and Cabinet, which had been seized during the course of executing a search warrant.

The President has repeatedly said that the Committee does not wish to impede the Commission's investigation.

The Commission’s investigation is ongoing. However, the time is fast approaching when the Commission's investigation will be impeded if it does not have access to the significant amount of non-privileged material currently with the Committee for examination.

As the Legislative Council has known since 20 May 2019 that it would have to determine privileged material, the Commission trusts the Committee has speedily gathered the resources necessary to resolve questions of privilege so the investigation isn't impeded.


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