The Commissioner

John McKechnie

Hon. John Roderick McKechnie, QC

Mr John Roderick McKechnie, QC, was appointed Commissioner of the Corruption and Crime Commission on 1 April 2015 with effect from 28 April 2015. Mr McKechnie was preceded as Commissioner by Mr Kevin Hammond, AO (December 2003 — March 2007), the inaugural Commissioner, the Hon. Len Roberts-Smith, RFD, QC (May 2007 — January 2011) and Mr Roger Macknay, QC (November 2011 — April 2014).

Prior to his appointment as Commissioner Mr McKechnie was the Senior Judge General Division of the Supreme Court of Western Australia, having joined the Court on 4 March 1999.

The Commissioner is ultimately responsible for all the activities and operations undertaken on his behalf by officers of the CCC. The Commissioner holds office on a full-time basis for an initial period of five years.