What We Do

Prior to the CCM Act, the CCC was the only investigative commission in Western Australia dealing with misconduct in the public sector.

The CCM Act changes the way that corruption, crime and misconduct is regulated and managed so that there are now two bodies responsible for dealing with misconduct by public officers.

The CCC deals with serious misconduct (which includes all police misconduct) and the Public Sector Commission (PSC) deals with minor misconduct.

The CCC and the PSC work together to ensure that misconduct is managed more effectively and efficiently and the CCC may, in cooperation with the PSC, assist public authorities to increase their capacity to prevent serious misconduct.

The CCC uses its investigative powers to identify and deal effectively with serious misconduct in the public sector and to provide reports about serious misconduct.  The CCC also assists WA Police to combat organised crime by authorising the use of investigative powers not ordinarily available to police.

For more information refer to Fact Sheets No. 1-4 entitled About the CCC, Definition of Serious Misconduct, Reporting Serious Misconduct and Definition of Public Officer.