Who we are

The Corruption and Crime Commission's purpose is to expose and disrupt corruption, serious misconduct and organised crime in Western Australia. We give the Western Australian community confidence that public officers act in the public interest, and not for personal gain.

Our vision is for a Western Australian community and public sector that actively exposes and resists corruption and a community that is free from organised crime. We create an environment where individuals feel safe and obliged to speak up if they suspect or see evidence of corruption.

The Commission does not exist to bring each individual who acts corruptly to justice. We provide information and evidence to prosecuting authorities such as the WA Police Force, the State Solicitors Office and the Department of Public Prosecutions when prosecutions are warranted. It is our role to shape an environment where we build the capacity of people to identify potential corruption and serious misconduct in the WA public sector.

We know where corruption or serious misconduct might flourish – and where public sector agencies need to be especially vigilant and build a strong culture, system and processes to counter the effects of ‘the seven deadly sins’ of corruption – greed; power, influence, ignorance, impunity, weak leadership and complacency.

The Commission is a sophisticated agency with very talented people and access to contemporary technology. Our work has to be agile. We have to be as flexible and adaptive as the people and the behaviour we are fighting.

The Commission is fundamental to a strong, open and effective operation of the Western Australian Government, and central to community confidence in our public sector.

For more information about who we are, read Fact Sheet - About the CCC.