Parliament House

The Presiding Officers of the Legislative Council and the Legislative Assembly, and the Commissioner of the Corruption and Crime Commission have together signed an historic Protocol designed to…

A Report into WA Police Force's identification and management of at risk officers

The report highlights the importance of the CCC’s oversight of police and ensuring allegations of serious misconduct are dealt with appropriately.

Podcast four: How to prevent corruption in challenging times

We chat to the heads of WA's two premier government integrity bodies - Sharyn O'Neill and John McKechnie. This is a must listen for all WA public servants and government contractors.

Episode three:  The moral dilemma of becoming a whistle-blower

Becoming a whistle-blower takes a lot of courage. But many think it's 'un-Australian to dob on your mates'. Find out why this statement is a myth that ends up punishing everyone.