Our purpose - To expose and disrupt corruption, serious misconduct and organised crime. Giving the WA community confidence that public officers act in the public interest.

Our vision - A Western Australian community and public sector that actively exposes and resists corruption and a community that is free from organised crime.

Our values - We are committed to the Public Sector Code of Ethics and the values of the Commission:

  • Integrity - Acting with care and diligence – making decisions that are honest, impartial, and timely and in consideration of all relevant information.
  • Relationships with others - Treating people with courtesy, sensitivity and recognising their interests, rights, safety and welfare.
  • Accountability - Using resources of the state in a responsible and accountable manner to ensure the efficient, effective and appropriate use of human, natural, financial and physical resources, property and information.
  • Leadership - Enabling and inspiring others to make a difference.
  • Teamwork - Collaborating and actively seeking the contribution of others.

Our objectives

  • Timely and appropriate assessment of allegations.
  • Timely and appropriate conduct of investigations undertaken by public authorities.
  • Timely and effective Commission investigations.
  • Timely determination of unexplained wealth referrals.
  • Reports and recommendations that expose corruption and enable public authorities to reduce the risk of further corruption.

Our strategies

Exposing and responding to corruption risks in areas identified as a priority within the Public Sector:

  • People at risk
  • Procurement and financial management
  • Data and information
  • Policy, regulation and licensing
  • Use of force
  • WA Police Force (noting our specific legislative functions)

Developing partnerships and processes to receive and respond to unexplained wealth referrals.

Enabled by...

Enhancing the Commission's systems, processes and workforce capability to enable it to remain contemporary and effective.