Anti-corruption materials - 2017 International Anti-Corruption Day

The below campaign has been developed to assist WA public officers and members of the community to identify and report corrupt behaviour to the CCC.
You are welcome to download, promote, and share these materials within your organisation and personal networks.

Stacey - data and information allegation

Name not supplied - improper association allegation

Darren - police misconduct allegation

Daphne - procurement allegation

Fleur - licensing and regulation allegation

Chantelle - abuse of power and process allegation


Corruption Crime and Misconduct Act 2003

Notifying misconduct - a guide for Principal Officers of Notifying Authorities

The Benchbook - a guide to Corruption and Crime Commission examinations

Fact sheet 1 - About the CCC

Fact sheet 2 - Definition of serious misconduct

Fact sheet 3 - Reporting serious misconduct

Fact sheet 4 - Definition of public officer

Overview of serious misconduct reports


Overview of Serious Misconduct - Q1 and Q2

Overview of Serious Misconduct - Q3

Overview of Serious Misconduct - Q4


Overview of Serious Misconduct - Q1

Overview of Serious Misconduct - Q2

Overview of Serious Misconduct - Q3

Overview of Serious Misconduct - Q4

Case studies

Case study - Joint investigation stifles prison officer groomed by organised crime groups

Case study - CCC proactively investigates procurement practices at Western Power

Case study - Public officer caught providing confidential information to an alleged drug dealer

Case study - CCC actively monitors Child and Adolescent Health Service's investigation into missing medication

Case study - CCC investigation highlights significant conflict-of-interest risks at Curtin University