The Commission offers a diverse range of interesting and challenging roles including deputy and assistant directors and specialist positions such as lawyers, investigators, intelligence analysts, investigation support personnel, assessment officers and corporate personnel.

Regardless of the role, working at the Commission offers professional growth and personal development in a challenging and meaningful way. Being a small agency, our people are able to gain a greater understanding of all of our business functions and have opportunities to manage whole processes or projects, rather than just a part of them. Our people often work in different positions and business areas through various acting and project roles which supports their personal growth and career development.

Working at the Commission gives you the ability to develop a range of skills and experience to help you transition to your next position. For example:

  • learning new and different perspectives on current professional knowledge;
  • gaining a broader understanding of the public service;
  • experience working in a contemporary, highly professional work environment;
  • developing innovative ways of working within your professional area; and
  • developing personal resilience.

Through working with us our people gain unique and contemporary skills, abilities and insights that can enhance any career within broader industries and professions.