Once an unexplained wealth report is received, it is assessed by the Corruption and Crime Commission.

Once an unexplained wealth report is assessed, the Corruption and Crime Commission may:

  1. investigate or take action itself; or
  2. investigate or take action in cooperation with an appropriate agency; or
  3. refer the matter to an appropriate agency for action; or
  4. take no action and file the details within your report for intelligence purposes.

The CCC will not contact the person who submits an unexplained wealth report unless further information is required.

What happens if a person is found to have unexplained wealth?

Should a Corruption and Crime Commission investigation reveal that a person has unexplained wealth, the Commission may apply to the court for an unexplained wealth declaration against the person.

Where the court makes an unexplained wealth declaration, the person is liable to pay to the State the amount specified in the declaration under the CPC Act s 14.