A number of different factors may indicate that a person has unexplained wealth.

Some common characteristics of someone having unexplained wealth include:

  • the accumulation of assets not proportionate with the persons lawfully acquired income;
  • frequent purchases of luxury goods or services, including travel, without the apparent lawful means to support those purchases;
  • regularly performing large financial transactions in cash, including deposits or withdrawals to or from bank accounts; and
  • storing large amounts of cash at a residential address.

A person may accumulate unexplained wealth through a number of unlawful means, such as:

  • dealing or trafficking in illicit drugs or substances;
  • corruption;
  • money laundering;
  • theft or fraud;
  • blackmail or extortion;
  • bribery, collusion or kickbacks; and
  • tax evasion.

Anyone can report suspected unexplained wealth to the CCC. If you suspect someone has unexplained wealth, submit an online report to the CCC now.

If you suspect a person has or is engaging in any criminal activity, please contact the WA Police Force (131 444 when Police attendance is required, or Crime Stoppers 1800 333 000 to report crime anonymously).