Our people have a wealth of different backgrounds. Not all have been previously employed in the public sector or with other integrity agencies. The secure working environment at the Commission is very different to that of other government departments and private businesses. As an integrity agency the Commission has exceptional powers entrusted to it and because of this our people are subject to a level of scrutiny well beyond that of other public officers. Although our people are not able to talk about the security aspects of their job or to disclose official information, they are provided with support to navigate these challenges. We encourage our people to actively maintain their professional and personal networks and, where possible, be transparent about working for the Commission. Knowing that our work is challenging and sometimes stressful we support our people throughout their employment at the Commission.

With a workforce of 125, our people are valued for their diversity of backgrounds, expertise and experiences and their commitment to working collaboratively to achieve the best outcomes for the Commission, the public sector and the WA community. Our people are passionate and enthusiastic about what they do and are motivated to continually produce a high standard of work. We nurture, inspire and support our people through strong leadership across all levels and by a learning and development framework that seeks to enable our people to embrace change and increase their capability.