Our responsibilities include:

Responding to allegations

  • Receiving and assessing allegations of serious misconduct.
  • Determining what action should be taken on all serious misconduct allegations.

Conducting or oversighting investigations or actions taken by public authorities

  • Investigating or taking other action.
  • Monitoring investigations undertaken by appropriate authorities.
  • Making recommendations and furnishing reports on the outcome of investigations.
  • Consulting, cooperating and exchanging information with appropriate authorities.
  • Assembling evidence admissible for prosecuting authorities.

Assisting public authorities to prevent serious misconduct (and police misconduct)

  • Analysing information. 
  • Analysing systems used within public authorities. 
  • Providing information and making recommendations. 
  • Increasing the capacity of public authorities by providing advice and training.
  • Reporting on ways to prevent and combat serious misconduct.

Identifying and confiscating unexplained wealth

  • Investigating whether a person has or may have acquired unexplained wealth or a criminal benefit.

Assisting WA Police Force in relation to organised crime

  • Reviewing and enabling the use of exceptional powers; examining witnesses; approving assumed identities; authorising and reviewing controlled operations; and, considering fortification notices.