The CCC only investigates matters which are serious and have a significant impact in improving the integrity of the public sector.

The decision to start an investigation does not mean that there has been any wrong doing. The investigation’s purpose is to establish whether or not there is proof to substantiate any allegations.

As part of its investigations, the CCC may summons people to appear as witnesses to give evidence at either private or public examinations. Frequently, witnesses are not suspected of any wrongdoing and are there for no other reason than to assist the CCC’s inquiries.

An opinion as to whether or not misconduct has occurred is only made after an investigation is completed. The CCC will then decide whether or not to recommend consideration of criminal or disciplinary action.

The CCC’s role is to investigate, establish the facts, express opinions about misconduct and make recommendations for action. It doesn’t determine the guilt or innocence of individuals. That is a matter for the courts or those taking disciplinary action.