Our culture

Working with us is an opportunity to serve the WA community in an important way. All of our people contribute to achieving the Commission's purpose and to giving the WA community confidence that public officers act in the public interest and not for self-interest. Our values of integrity, relationships with others, accountability, leadership and teamwork underpin the work that we do and are at the core of our culture. Our work environment is professional and supportive with accessible and connected leaders. We trust and respect our people and empower them to act with integrity and transparency and to actively seek ways to do things better. 

We are committed to ensuring that we have a positive culture and a flexible, safe and equitable workplace that supports our people and our organisation in reaching their potential.


We relocated to our Northbridge location in March 2018. Our office has multi-functional work areas, an open floor plan, state-of-the-art technologies and end-of-journey facilities. Our administrative and special operational requirements, as well as the purpose-built public examination rooms and interview rooms, are all situated on the one level. Our work environment facilitates increased innovation, interaction and collaboration, with lots of spaces to be creative, work quietly or workshop as a team.

Our office is walking distance of Yagan Square, a vibrant open space that joins Northbridge to the city. Perth has a range of options to enjoy - coffee, restaurants and breweries, an established cultural arts and music scene, shopping, sporting events, and many beautiful outdoor spaces. It is regularly ranked in the top 10 most livable, friendly and attractive cities in the world and is recognised for its high quality of living. Perth boasts a highly-educated, skilled and productive workforce with the city rapidly growing in lifestyle, population and economic prosperity.

Perth and surrounding areas are continually expanding with many exciting new developments and large-scale capital works projects, such as Elizabeth Quay, reflecting the growing global importance of the city.

Our people live across the Perth metropolitan area with many using public transport (our office is located within a short walking distance to the Perth train and bus stations) and nearby established cycle paths to commute to and from work. For further information on Perth and/or WA, visit City of Perth and Tourism WA.