All reports received are assessed and a decision is made as to what action will be taken.

In deciding what action, if any, to take the Commission has some discretion and may have regard to the following factors:

  • the seriousness of the conduct;
  • whether the allegation is made in good faith (or may be frivolous or vexatious);
  • whether the allegation has already been investigated or other action taken;
  • whether further action is justified; and
  • whether further action is in the public interest.

The Commission may also consult with, or consider investigations or other actions taken by, an independent agency or an appropriate authority before deciding what action may be taken.

After the assessment is completed the Commission may:

  • investigate or take action itself; or
  • investigate or take action in cooperation with an independent agency or appropriate authority; or
  • refer the matter to an independent agency or appropriate authority for action; or
  • take no action (in this case the person or agency making the report are notified)