The Commission is committed to investing in building and managing a contemporary, accountable, and highly capable workforce.

Our Learning and Development Strategy establishes a targeted and integrated approach to learning and development that aligns to our strategic priorities, utilises blended learning solutions, and enhances the skills, knowledge, and capabilities of our workforce and the public sector.

We actively encourage and support experiential and social learning through coaching, mentoring, on the job opportunities and project work; as well as formal learning through structured courses and workshops.  

Examples of learning and development at the Commission include:

  •    Secondment opportunities
  •    a comprehensive Scholarship Program
  •    support to secure funded public sector scholarships (e.g. Executive Master of Public Administration)
  •    technical and professional training (relevant to the role)
  •    funded support for continuous professional development activities
  •    opportunities to act in different roles and business areas of the Commission.