The Commission assesses, investigates and exposes serious misconduct in the Western Australian public sector and misconduct and reviewable police action in the Western Australian Police Force. It may also assist the Western Australian Police Force to combat the incidence of organised crime when required.

The Commission directs its efforts to areas where the risk of serious misconduct is greatest. Its investigations, public and private examinations, and reports, expose corruption and encourage agencies to implement practices that minimise the risk of serious misconduct occurring. These measures provide the Western Australian community with confidence that public officers act with integrity and in the public interest, not self-interest.

The Commission has jurisdiction over Western Australian public officers which includes employees of Western Australian government departments, entities, statutory authorities and boards, universities and local governments.

The Commission also works to identify and target persons who have accumulated unexplained wealth through unlawful means. A person who lives beyond their apparent means is required to justify the legitimacy of their financial circumstances.

For more information about who we are, read Fact Sheet - About the CCC.

Our service charter

This Service Charter sets out the Commission's commitment to service and outlines the overall standards of service you can expect when engaging with us.

Corruption and Crime Commission Service Charter