Biosecurity misconduct revealed by cooperative investigation

The Corruption and Crime Commission has tabled a report in State Parliament detailing the serious misconduct of a Livestock Manager at Murdoch University.

The report details how cattle were exhibited at the Perth Royal Show under private stud names without permission and bulls owned by the University were loaned to teaching facilities and private studs – all with false identification documentation and disregard for required biosecurity measures.

Despite the unusual circumstances of the misconduct, the report reveals familiar themes and lessons for all agencies:

  • a senior manager with considerable autonomy and control over assets of significant value; 
  • abuse of power and control;
  • self-interested and/or misguided motivations;
  • inadequate oversight; 
  • poor systems and processes; and 
  • lack of recordkeeping and appropriate management.  

In short, Murdoch University's lack of proper governance and oversight of the farms created a breeding ground for misconduct.

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A report on Murdoch University's governance and oversight of farm management

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Media release - Biosecurity misconduct revealed by cooperative investigation