Top honour for Commission Chief Executive

The Corruption and Crime Commission has paid tribute to its Chief Executive, Mr Ray Warnes, who has today been awarded a Public Service Medal for his outstanding service to the Commission and his contribution to the public sector in senior roles over more than 30 years.

Commissioner John McKechnie said Mr Warnes was a most deserving recipient and his contribution to the Commission since his appointment in August 2015 had been immense.

“Mr Warnes has not only provided first-class advice, support and guidance to me as Commissioner, but he has been a transformative leader who has run an effective and dynamic organisation, led much-needed reforms, and been instrumental in making the Commission a highly effective and respected agency,” he said.

“Mr Warnes embodies public sector ethics of accountability and integrity. He leads by example and has always demonstrated the highest personal integrity, an exceptional work ethic and a willingness to innovate and reform.

“The current strength and good public standing of the Commission is, in large part, down to his vision, leadership and professionalism.”

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Media release - Top honour for Commission Chief Executive