Recommendations from Report into inadequate use of force reporting at Hakea Prison on 21 March 2016 tabled on 27 June 2018.

The Commission recommends DoJ:

  • Consider whether specialised training is needed for officers assigned to specialised units.
  • Conduct mandatory training for prison officers in relation to independent, accurate and factual reporting of use of force incidents that includes:
    • the use which can be made of a prison officer's reports in legal, administrative, disciplinary and prison offence proceedings;
    • the consequences of colluding, making false or inaccurate statements or omitting material matters; and
    • the interrelation between reporting on use of force incidents and an officer's duties and oath under the Prisons Act.
  • Continue to take action against prison officers who make inaccurate statements or material omissions from IDR's or who do not submit an IDR when required to do so and maintain a register of the action taken.
  • Update, monitor and audit systems (including TOMS), processes and physical spaces to reduce the opportunity for prison officers to collude about their IDRs or otherwise view or copy the IDRs of others.
  • Support and regularly promote awareness of confidential mechanisms for staff to report potential criminal activity and misconduct concerning prison officers using force against prisoners.