Recommendations from Report on corrupt custodial officers and the risks of contraband entering prisons tabled on 26 June 2018.

The Commission recommends that:

  • The current search and screening procedures used on entry to prisons be reviewed to assess compliance and measure effectiveness of those systems, policies and procedures in preventing the entry of drugs into the prison environment.
  • Officers receive better education and training about the illegality of steroids and their deleterious effects on the body.
  • DoJ's drug testing regime be reviewed and its effectiveness in deterring drug use in prisons and amongst prison staff be measured.
  • Periodic professional review of frontline prison staff be provided to identify vulnerabilities with a view to providing support and managing risk.
  • Processes for identifying common themes within security reports about a particular officer be reviewed to:
    • identify potential at risk behaviours;
    • allow for early intervention; and
    • deter corrupt or improper activity.