Recommendations from Report on Operation Aviemore: Major Crime Squad investigation into the unlawful killing of Mr Joshua Warneke tabled on 5 November 2015.

The Commission recommends:

  • WA Police and the DPP record a challenge to an EROI in any court and the result so that an accurate measure of compliance with the CI Act is obtained.
  • The CKD be reviewed and its index and search capacity improved. Either online tutorials or regular training should be investigated to ensure all police officers have the necessary competency to access the CKD as needed.
  • Immediate attention be given to ascertain if the lack of knowledge disclosed is widespread. If so development of an ongoing training and refresher course in dealing with Aboriginal people with particular emphasis on language and culture.
  • Attention is given to the administration of a caution for a person unfamiliar with their right to silence when English is not that person's first language. It is for WA Police to identify the best approach to improving the administration of a caution.
  • Refresher training is given to police officers in relation to the exercise of powers and responsibilities under the CI Act.
  • WA Police re-evaluate the POI investigative strategy to emphasise the separate classification requirements under the CI Act. These requirements are the relevant source of both police powers and the rights acquired by a person being interviewed.
  • The requirement for recording and reviewing the exercise of discretion not to charge an offence be reinforced immediately with all officers in case Operation Aviemore reflects widespread practice.