The Commission recommends that:

  • The Commission recommends that consideration be given to 'bespoke training' being provided to individuals who demonstrate a pattern of behaviour in excessive use of force, along with close monitoring and management.
  • The WA Police Force should consider whether the deficiencies in custody records and management, including use of force reporting and after care, are isolated to this incident or reflect a more general lack of understanding within the force.
  • Consideration should be given to ensuring that custody officers have sufficient training and experience to carry out their duties. In particular, consideration should be given as to whether probationary constables should carry out the duties of a custody officer without direction from a more experienced senior officer.

21 March 2018 - Review of Police Response to an Incident in a Country Town.pdf

9 April 2020 - Further review of the WA Police Force response to an incident in the lock-up of a country town.pdf