The Commission recommends the Department of Justice:

  • review policies and procedures, orders and directions, giving priority to PDs 26 and 41;
  • continue to remodel and refine the triage and assessment process, giving consideration to implementing a corruption prevention early intervention model for 'at risk' staff;
  • continue to review the current search and screening procedures used on entry to prisons, assess compliance and measure effectiveness of those systems and trial, assess and implement new technologies where appropriate;
  • facilitate sharing of key information from all relevant systems to the investigations unit and the respective prisons, including but not limited to, CCTV footage, drug testing, PTS, TOMS audit and intelligence databases;
  • review DoJ's drug testing regime and implement performance measures to gauge impact and effectiveness over time;
  • improve security screening processes for current and potential new employees, giving consideration to more regular screening of staff and better sharing of screening information;
  • introduce a system to track and measure the effectiveness of serious misconduct strategies that can be used for high level and operational reporting, to measure staff performance and compliance, to inform staff training and to identify where early intervention is needed to fill knowledge or security gaps and measure effectiveness of policies and procedures.