Published Reports

Report on the Investigation of Alleged Misconduct by Employees of Landgate as a Result of Associations with External Clients Involved in the Property Development Industry

The CCC investigated allegations of misconduct by public officers in connection with possible attempted bribery of officers at Landgate by private sector business owners.

Report on the Investigation of Alleged Public Sector Misconduct in Connection with the Activities of Lobbyists and Other Persons - A Ministerial Decision in Relation to Applications for a Mining Tenement at Yeelirrie

A Ministerial decision in relation to applications for a mining tenement at Yeerlirrie.

Western Australia Police Property Management Practices - Report on the Progress of Recommendations Contained in the 2005 Joint Inquiry by Western Australia Police and the Corruption and Crime Commission

Report on the progress of recommendations contained in the 2005 joint inquiry by WA Police and the CCC.